NFL Schedule Week 3

Thursday Night – Los Angeles Rams at San Francisco 49ers

Speaking of bad teams! Remember how horrendous this matchup was in 2016? Good lord was it tough to watch. I’ll never understand why they continue to torture us on Thursday nights… but, hey, bad football is better than no football. Honestly, I think this matchup will be better this time around than it was last time as some of the younger talent has developed with a little more experience under the belt.

Keys to the Game
The Rams number one focus should be the GGG game plan: Get Gurley Going. Everyone on the planet knows he’s the most talented offensive weapon on the team and it’s crucial for LA to find a way to help him be successful. It’s been incredibly difficult for the Rams to score when they’re not able to rely on their workhorse back due to the inconsistency (and complete lack of effectiveness) at quarterback and from their receivers. Mix things up and get Gurley the football in creative situations and watch LA roll to a prime time win.

Like we just talked about, Gurley is the key to LA’s offense. Naturally, the key for the 49ers is to make LA throw the ball. No matter who is under center for the Rams, they aren’t exactly going to be intimidating by any means. We know that SF’s offense has its own struggles and the defense isn’t anything to write home about, either, however, it’s amazing what a little pressure on the QB and some turnovers will do. If SF can grab an early lead and force LA into a turnover or two, this should be a nice, easy home “W”.